It’s very heart wrenching to scold innocent children or attempt physical abuse to teach them the right manners and truthful way of leading a successful life. Though, being strict and a bit hard might be essential for making children good members of society.

There is a contrary belief upon the upbringing of children as some people believe that parents are responsible for the good grooming and upbringing of a kid while others think that school is the place to learn all this and be a good citizen.

Importance of social/educational institutions:

In my opinion, both the institution’s home and school play a key role in this regard. From early years of life to go to school, a kid learns basic ethics, eating habits, how to speak, how to respect elders, how to behave, good communication skills at home via parents, grandparents.

Similarly, traditions, culture, and religion are taught by parents as they continue to showcase the values and follow the respective religious rituals. Many times, a kid commits mischievous things and mistakes at home which can be corrected on the spot. Children spend most of their time with their parents. Therefore, a child may learn all the habits, ethics, values, and ways of living from the parents as they observe them very closely and soundly.

Problems with the present scenario

Presently, upon admission in modernized, popular schools and parents having busy schedules. Parents put all the responsibility on school for grooming the children. So in that scenario, children are left at loose ends and don’t turn out to be good.

Role of Family and Educational Institution in the upbringing

Both institutions play a decent role in teaching passively, though parents have an active role.

Parents teach personal and social qualities contrastingly, school ingrains global, and career-oriented qualities. School is the place to learn discipline, time punctuality, communication skills with people of different backgrounds, enabling a child to be an educated and a better leader of tomorrow. Schools and teachers being strict enforce children to be well mannered. With sports, art, and academic classes; children tend to be all-rounders and do good in every field. The school makes a person competitive and a successful man.

Final Thoughts

In present times, due to busy routines, media, and social networking sites; children face a lack of time from parents. Therefore, in this case, similar to a school, parents also play a passive role in childhood development. Both the institutions keep on blaming each other for kid’s poor behavior as everybody nowadays has become commercial and runs after money no matter what. According to my insights, considering the crucial upbringing of children, both must play their respective roles, preparing and mentoring children for the outside world so that they become gentlemen.

Author: Chanchal Maheshwari


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