Recently a renowned actor of Bollywood, Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide. Many Bollywood celebrities are convinced that Sushant took this extreme action because he was very depressed because of Nepotism in Bollywood. In many minds, the question has arisen what is nepotism? And many people face it in their daily life they want to know how they can handle this extreme injustice of nepotism.

What is Nepotism?

It is the trend to favour relatives or friends by executives, influential and powerful people. It is very common in our culture that most of the jobs and opportunities are provided to those who are loved ones. And many talented and competent people don’t get the positions they deserve. The term nepotism basically originated by the word nephew when catholic popes and bishops assigned many important positions to their nephews.

Nepotism in Bollywood

No one can deny that nepotism is being practised in Bollywood. Many incompetent star kids have achieved success at the beginning of their careers. Just because their parents or some family member bolstered them. On the other hand, we have many examples of some very talented actors and actresses. Who started very well but could not achieve considerable success. Because they did not have any godfather in the industry. Sushant Singh Rajput was also among those actors who had to achieve all the fame and success on account of just his skills and talent. He proved himself in films like Chhichhore and M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story.

Nepotism is all around us

The question is, nepotism practised only in Bollywood and is it right for someone to kill himself just because he could not fight against it? And the answer is, No and No. It is practised all around the world and in almost every field of life.

In our everyday life, many of us have to face nepotism. Political parties in India do not choose their chairman based on someone’s political intelligence. But, the founder always selects someone from his kids or family after him. The same goes for the corporate sector. The owner never selects someone one basis of intelligence and sincerity. He always selects his family member as a corporate head, no matter he or she is competent or not.

Owners in big shops don’t hand over the cash counter to their employees unless it is much secured. Because they usually don’t trust outsiders. So in every field of life, many talented, intelligent, skilful, and competent people have to face unskilled, unprofessional, inexpert, and incompetent people like their bosses. This is not easy to accept especially when you have all the abilities to excel in your career. But this nepotism stops your way, you can’t tolerate it easily.

Nepotism cannot be stopped

It is another fact that no one can stop this nepotism as this world can’t be changed. So what should you do? Should you kill yourself to announce that you have quit forever? Maybe some people think it is the only way to record a strong protest against this extreme injustice. But seriously that doesn’t work for a long time. People will discuss it for some days and then they will forget you and the reason for your death. So, one should find some real ways to handle it.

Some ways to handle nepotism

  • Doesn’t matter in which field you are if you are expert and skilled in your work then chances reduce to a great extent to ignore you and promote an incompetent over you.
  • Always be professional and be polite to your bosses and juniors. Otherwise, no one would accept you in any administrative position.
  • Don’t involve in gossips with other colleagues at the workplace. Because it’s a part of unprofessionalism and usually, a company heads don’t like such employees.
  • You can get advice from someone who is senior to you. So you will be able to understand the situation from a broad perspective.
  • If you think your bosses are doing injustice with you, talk them professionally and clear your point of view. Because sometimes just the exchange of thoughts makes things easy.
  • If by doing all of your efforts you do not get success then try to stop thinking about the things bothering you. Involver yourself in some sort of physical exercise or some kind of sports it will help to reduce your frustration.

Author: Wajiha Tariq


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