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In the entire world, any time anyone is assaulted, beaten up all we do is go to the police and seek help. Now just imagine when these cops who were supposed to save our life turns into a monster and beat someone to death. Exactly that’s what happened in a small town Thoothukudi in south India.

So, to start stating the facts. The father-son duo named P Jayaraj, 59, and his son J Bennix, 31 owned a mobile shop. On 19th June while patrolling police found that Mr jayaraj shop was open which was against the lockdown regulations. And as soon as this was told to Mr jayaraj they went back home closing the shop. The next day, police came and arrested Mr jayaraj and his son, they were taken into custody and they were beaten to death. Their knees were smashed completely, their face was pushed against the wall multiple blows against back and bottom. They were completely stripped and were taken into a place where no CCTV camera was present. And they were hit with lathi and sticks (steel tip) on buttocks.

Multiple injuries were seen on genitalia. And after two days the first news came that the son expired due to cardiac failure and fever and a few hours later his father expired. Meanwhile, all their blood-soaked clothes were sent home and new cloths came this happened 3-5 times. The actual cause of death is excessive anal bleeding causing death. Some of the police officers are suspended and some transferred.  So here I would ask what was their fault to face such cruelty? Was this the right punishment given to the police officer?

The current state of the world

We live in a world were people do such cruelty and escape in a moment of time. If the same crime is done by any serial killer, we punish them for life imprisonment or so but here they are only suspended. maybe in today’s world someone’s life has become so less valuable. How can someone be so ruthless and cruel I really don’t know where the world is going. There are police officer, a commando who sacrificed their life in 26/11 to save someone’s life and here these monster who kills someone and escape just like it .it is such torture and its not just first time that this has happened and the topic of everyone safety is brought up many times these severe crimes have taken place but who is there to take a stand to have guts to bring change?

Final Thoughts

I know and I am not blaming the entire police force. But there are monsters within some officers. And yes its high time we need to rectify the system and punish anyone and everyone who does a crime not considering his/her position. When the same case happened in the USA of a man named George Floyd the entire world came together for his justice. And here we are where only a number of people know this case. Its high time that we as citizens should fight against it. The media should be showing genuine and spread awareness among all. And the police to be gentle and not hurt any innocent. Otherwise, the day is not far away that every individual will be scared to go to the police. Let’s not be monsters when God has created us humans and filled us with empathy.

P.S this case is not only important to me being a south Indian but as a citizen of India and as a human I feel those police officers should be punished. Powers are in the wrong hands.


anoushka Anoushka Thirumoorthy


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