We human beings are created by God in pairs; together a man and a woman form a commendable tag team to endure family affairs and domestic economy, both genders are naturally gifted with unique capabilities be it physical, mental, or emotional.

Women are frail physically hence usually associated with domesticity and due to kind nature women are deserved to be respected accordingly in societal norms, but we all must have witnessed some of the considerable intellectual capabilities women possessed and those proven to be far better than the opposite gender in respective scenarios.

I personally believed that contribution of women workforce can do wonders for nations and national economy, the old and recent history is full of such women’s who already set up an example with their laudable efforts and breaking all odds with consistent courage and hard work, showing the path for all female members of society by proving that with the persistence of new resolve can change the faith not only for their individual self but for the whole society and globe at a larger scale.

Kalpana Saroj

In the late 70s, women under deprived circumstances decided that she had to stand for her family and earn at least a living hood for her family. So, she started working in just another garment factory in Mumbai. And today she is one of the top leading women entrepreneurs in India. We know her as “Kalpana Saroj” of Kamini industries. Though the hardship and leisurely progress behind every success is yet another story. Here we are emphasizing to all of our female readers that you need to find that inner strength of yours to become yet another example for the world. In fact, the kind of strength you always possess you just need to find the right way where you can execute the flow of your talent.

Here we are going to discuss a few among thousands of ideas that you can adopt and immediately start supporting your family and of course gain that unique self-confidence which is only associated with doing your own business.

Homemade food supply

Almost every woman around the globe knows how to cook. Even if you are not very good at cooking there is must be something that you wangle best. What you have to do is, prepare the food you cook best and gave a free sample trial to the food vendors near your house or to the local shop men in your surrounding as lunch. Most people like neat and clean homemade food. So, hopefully, you will develop your client base within a short passage of time.

Baby Day Care

In big cities like Mumbai, children’s care in working hours is a hassle to manage. You can empty a room space in your residence and spread word of mouth in your neighbourhood that you are willing to provide daycare service for kids against nominal charges. It is expected that you will manage four to five clients and a couple of children’s to take care of. And in that way, you can manage handsome earning every month.

Arts and Makeup

If you know how to do makeup or you know arts like music and dancing, you can offer your services. You can offer in your neighbourhood or maybe online through social media channels. You can also become a coach and train your art of makeup or maybe music to willing people against some monthly charges. It is hoped that you will find people around you who will be willing to learn skills in a convenient way. Such as nearby to home or against some minimal fee.

Home Tuitions

Children lack discipline in the home environment. They did not like to study in their homes. They don’t take seriously their parents or elder siblings as teachers. Here the opportunity arrives for you. So, if you are educated and can handle the homework. You can also handle exam preparations for school-going children. You can offer your services as a teacher. Parents will also be satisfied to pay you. As you will be providing the ease of teaching their children near to their residence. So, they do not have to bother much about children’s security and hassle of travelling and traffic.

Clothing Sales and Services

Women like clothes and impulsive buying behaviour are also evident in most women. Now what you have to do is to arrange some good women’s clothing or a famous brand replica. Exhibit them through your social media shop on your dedicated Facebook business page. You can also spread word of mouth to your relatives and friends that you have some exciting range of clothing. They are available for sale at a reasonable price than the local market. There is a high probability that you will develop your customer base in a few months. You will also start earning a handsome amount against your initial investment.


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